Lobster Safari

Photographer: Madeleine Landley/Westsweden.com

Lobster Safari

At the end of September M/S Mira arrange lobster safaris. The lobster fishing is one of the highlights of the year for the locals and they spend time trying to catch the delicious lobsters. M/S Mira takes you out on a 3 hour long fishing tour where you can be a part of pulling up the lobster traps and experience the fisherman’s life. If you wish, you can also buy some of today’s catch to bring home and enjoy. The feeling of cooking a dinner that you have caught yourself is something really special, and the flavour experience is incredible. Max. 20 people.

900 kr/person

Lobster fishing exclusive

If you want to experience the lobster fishing that the locals arrange, we also offer an all-day experience for max. 2 people. You will participate in the intensive and exciting hunt for the black gold of the sea. You will pull up lobster traps and be involved in all aspects of lobster fishing.

3500 kr/person
Aspelidsvägen 2
457 40 Fjällbacka

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