Langoustine Fishing

Langoustine Fishing

Experience fishing Norwegian lobster in Bohuslän. Join local fisherman Ingemar Granqvist on M/S Mira on an exciting and interesting fishing trip. M/S Mira af Fjällbacka can carry up to 20 people and is used both for fishing and charter trips. Apart from a great trip on the sea you will also experience Ingemar checking the Norwegian lobster traps and telling interesting facts about the delicious shellfish. You also have the opportunity to taste the newly caught Norwegian lobster after the trip. Ingemar is also part owner in Fjällbackakräftor HB which delivers Norwegian lobsters to the national Culinary team, the Nobel price dinner 2014 and the Prince wedding 2015.

1000 kr/adult and  500 kr/child (up to 12 years of age)

Become a proffessional fisherman for a day

This all-day trip is for max. 4 people and gives you a genuine insight of what it is like to be a fisherman in Sweden’s most beautiful archipelago. Ingemar share his knowledge with you and you will be a part of the Norwegian lobster fishing and cooking.

3500 kr/person
Aspelidsvägen 2
457 40 Fjällbacka

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